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1950 Africa And The Arabian Peninsula Map

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National Geographic


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1950 Africa And The Arabian Peninsula Map
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1950 Africa And The Arabian Peninsula Map

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This fascinating map appeared in March 1950 and accompanied three articles, including "Roaming Africas Unfenced Zoos". It shows Africa and the Arabian Peninsula at a time when Libya and Somalia gained independence from the colonial administration. The early oil development in Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq is also recorded.

On this map you can see national borders, which show the independent countries as well as the colonial administration of Great Britain, France, Portugal, Belgium, Spain and the former Italian colonies as well as the trustees of the United Nations. Also shown are cities and countless other places, railways and roads, airports and much more.

A separate map shows the continent with a physical map image showing the sources of the main rivers. Another map inset shows the Cape Verde Islands.

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Varenummer XNG195003_
Forlag National Geographic
År 1950
Sprog engelsk
Scale 1:12,000,000
Mål ca. 71 x 79 cm
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