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1980 Peoples Republic Of China Map

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National Geographic


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1980 Peoples Republic Of China Map
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1980 Peoples Republic Of China Map

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This map was printed in July 1980, just one year after the Tiananmen Square protests, when students, intellectuals, and labor activists stood up against the might of the Communist government of China. It accompanied the "Peoples of China" map and the article "Shanghai: Born-again Giant." • Pronunciation guide to Pinyin • Thousands of place names including capitals and major cities • Railroads, roads, canals, trails, and airports • The Great Wall • Ocean bathymetry • Geographical features including mountains, rivers, lakes, deserts, glaciers, and areas below sea level • Oil fields and pipelines Language: english Size: ca 95,3 x 76,2cm Scale: 1:6,000,000 available Options: - paper - double sided encapsulated (inscribedable or wiped off) - mounted as pinboard with silver-coloured aluminium frame, one sided laminated (inscribedable or wiped off) This digital print requires up to 10 - 14 days of delivery time.

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Varenummer XNG198007a_
Forlag National Geographic
År 1980
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