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1990 Soviet Union Map Side 1

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National Geographic


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1990 Soviet Union Map Side 1
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1990 Soviet Union Map Side 1

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This Soviet Union map represents Side One of a two-map set published in March 1990, just twenty-one months before the dismantling of the USSR. Three articles on the Soviet Union accompanied the maps, including "Siberia: In from the Cold." A historical snapshot of the end of an era, this map makes a fine collectible. • Administrative units of the Soviet Union • Inset map showing population density • Various capitals shown including those of nations, Soviet Socialist Republics, oblasts (regions), krays (territories), autonomous Soviet Socialist Republics, autonomous oblasts, and nationality okrugs (districts) • Railroads, roads, canals, airports, and northern sea routes • Ocean bathymetry, rivers, lakes, deserts, glaciers, tundra, swamps, areas below sea level and more • Oil fields, sites, nothern limit of wooded country, and limit of multi-year ice • Geographical equivalents Language: english Size: ca 92,7 x 55,9cm Scale: 1:10,140,000 available options: - paper - double sided encapsulated (inscribedable or wiped off) - mounted as pinboard with silver-coloured aluminium frame, one sided laminated (inscribedable or wiped off) This digital print requires up to 10 - 14 days of delivery time.

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Varenummer XNG199003a_
Forlag National Geographic
År 1990
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