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1983 History Of Europe, The Major Turning Points Map

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National Geographic


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1983 History Of Europe, The Major Turning Points Map
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1983 History Of Europe, The Major Turning Points Map

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This beautiful map of Europe is a must have for all who are interested in the history of Europe. This wall map is the perfect addition to the 1983 European map. It accompanies four articles published in December 1983.

The map shows the most important turning points in European history. Among other things, it contains an illustrated time axis, which is derived from 4500 B.C. until 1979 A.D., a map of Europe during the Second World War 1939-1942, large European cities with cathedrals, archaeological sites, medieval streets, historical trade routes, 15th century printing presses and much more.

The map provides a wealth of information about important turning points in the history of Europe, and beautiful illustrations show important historical figures.

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Varenummer XNG198312a_
Forlag National Geographic
År 1983
Sprog engelsk
Scale 1:5,640,000
Mål ca. 109 x 76 cm
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