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1956 Lands Of The Bible Today

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National Geographic


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1956 Lands Of The Bible Today
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1956 Lands Of The Bible Today

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This decorative map of the Holy Land is a real collector's item and fits perfectly with the maps of 1938 and 1946. It appeared in December 1956 together with the article "Jerusalem to Rome in the Path of St. Paul".

The map offers a wealth of historical information, along with countless notes alongside the place names. So there are among other things many references to Bible passages. The places of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World are also shown.

On map insets are the city of Jerusalem, the Crusades, the four great journeys of St Pauls and the traditional way of Exodus pictured. A detailed map shows the Holy Land as it existed in 1956.

Usual map details such as national boundaries, cities, roads, mountains, lakes and rivers make this map complete.


Artikelnummer XNG195612_
Verlag National Geographic
Jahr 1956
Sprache englisch
Maßstab 1:2,851,200
Maße ca. 104 x 48 cm
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