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1984 Making Of America, Far West Map

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National Geographic


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1984 Making Of America, Far West Map
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1984 Making Of America, Far West Map

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The Far West map of April 1984 is half of a two-map set in the "Making of America" series. Focusing on California and Nevada, this map provides a wealth of historical information about the region including the early days of Indians and Spanish settlements, the discovery of gold and silver, and the establishment of the agricultural and film industries. • A historical introduction • Information and graphs showing California's shifting population • An early map of the region showing Indian culture regions and boundaries, missions, pueblos, sea routes, trails, and more • A map of the region in the early to mid-19th century, during the California gold rush and the discovery of the Comstock silver lode in Nevada featuring mining areas, the Mother Lode, other gold-bearing areas, Mormon settlements, trails, immigration, land grants and concessions, and more • A map of 1860-1900 showing pony express routes, overland telegraph lines, railroads, Indian reservations, and more • Information and a map highlighting California's water projects that tranformed the agricultural industry in the state in the 1930s and 1940s • Colorful illustrations Language: english Size: ca 68,6 x 52,1cm available options: - paper - double sided encapsulated (inscribedable or wiped off) - mounted as pinboard with silver-coloured aluminium frame, one sided laminated (inscribedable or wiped off) This digital print requires up to 10 - 14 days of delivery time.


Artikelnummer XNG198404b_
Verlag National Geographic
Jahr 1984
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