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1962 West Indies Map

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National Geographic


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1962 West Indies Map
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1962 West Indies Map

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Operation Bootstrap was the name given to ambitious projects which rapidly industrialized Puerto Rico in the 1950s, shifting the region's economy from agriculture to manufacturing. The article "Puerto Rico's Seven-league Bootstraps" accompanied this map of the West Indies in the December 1962 issue of National Geographic Magazine. This colorful and detailed work of cartography features inset maps of over two dozen islands as well as ocean bathymetry, currents, and prevailing winds. • Insets of over two dozen islands • Capitals, cities, and towns • Pan-American highway system, freeways, roads, railroads, canals, and places with scheduled air service • Ocean bathymetry, prevailing winds, and warm currents • Political administration of islands noted • Missile tracking stations • Oil fields and pipelines Language: english Size: ca 63,5 x 48,3cm Scale: 1:4,942,080 available options: - paper - double sided encapsulated (inscribedable or wiped off) - mounted as pinboard with silver-coloured aluminium frame, one sided laminated (inscribedable or wiped off) This digital print requires up to 10 - 14 days of delivery time.


Artikelnummer XNG196212_
Verlag National Geographic
Jahr 1962
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