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1968 Archeological Map Of Middle America Side 1

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National Geographic


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1968 Archeological Map Of Middle America Side 1
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1968 Archeological Map Of Middle America Side 1

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Take a trip through the land of the feathered serpent with the Archeological Map of Middle America. Half of a two-map set published in October 1968, this educational map features an abundance of information on the intriguing civilizations of Middle America and the temples, pyramids, and ruins they left behind. • Inset maps of four archeological sites: Chichen Itza, Monte Alban, Teotihuacan, and Tikal • An abundance of notes about historical sites and illustrations of artifacts • Information on the civilizations that called Middle America home • Archeological sites or ruins, populated places of archeological importance, and other places of interest • Mountains, major rivers, major lakes, and swamps • Toll roads, Pan American Highway, roads, railroads, and places with scheduled air service • Location map Language: english Size: ca 63,5 x 48,3cm Scale: 1:2,250,000 available options: - paper - double sided encapsulated (inscribedable or wiped off) - mounted as pinboard with silver-coloured aluminium frame, one sided laminated (inscribedable or wiped off) This digital print requires up to 10 - 14 days of delivery time.


Artikelnummer XNG196810a_
Verlag National Geographic
Jahr 1968
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