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The Whole World of Maps from a Single Source

The firm of INTERKART Landkarten & Globen GmbH has been in the business of selling maps and globes on the Internet since 1999.

Even at the time when so-called 'E-commerce' was still in its infancy in Germany, INTERKART was one of the first Internet providers of maps in Germany.

Inspired by the already existing international Internet trade in the USA and the emerging and changing purchasing behavior in the German book trade, INTERKART currently handles more than 5000 geographical articles and accessories on four different websites in three languages.

The founder of INTERKART, Hans-Joachim Niemeyer, has worked in the German publishing and mapping industry since 1979 and has turned his hobby into a profession. Even in these times of “Google Maps”, GIS and GPS, the printed wall map is still today, from an historical or current perspective, a unique, informative and decorative wall hanging.

Interkart Niemeyer

INTERKART is a family-run business and places great emphasis on consulting and giving excellent customer service. Special or Individual area maps, custom products, posters and bulletin boards present no problem for us.

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Hans-Joachim Niemeyer






Member of the IMIA


IMIA logoINTERKART GmbH is a official member of the 
International Map Industry Association - IMIA.